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Yours Psychological Prednisolone Effects and Recommended Medicines


First of all, we should tell about mood lability, which going up and down with your moods. You can do talk therapy. If your mood lability gets so bad that it turns into delirium, the drug, called Haloperidol, which is the first generation antipsychotic. And then you can take some atypical antipsychotics like Abilify or Zyprexa. Those ones can help. with anxiety.

There are a lot of medicines that can help with anxiety. Some of them are Zoloft and Prozac and Wellbutrin. If you need something that's shorter acting, you'll get the anxiety all the time, then you could do something like Xanax, but that's more addictive. And you don't necessarily want to get something addictive.

First-line therapy for most people, who have insomnia, would be to take Melatonin. And this is especially helpful, when you are taking Prednisolone, because Prednisolone is interfering with your circadian rhythm. And melatonin is your circadian rhythm maker. And so it's just giving back what Prednisolone is blocking. Then, if that's not enough and I would start out at 1-3 milligrams per day and you could even go up to 20 milligrams. But I would go really slowly to get to that point.

Benadryl is an option over-the-counter diphenhydramine like Tylenol PM. Those things all have that diphenhydramine in it, and that's an antihistamine that makes it. So, you're not feeling allergic, but it can also have the side effect of making you feel drowsy and so most people, who shouldn't use that, are people who are old 465 or people, who've tried it in the past and have the opposite reaction of like being hyper instead of drowsy.

Finally, there are sleep medicines like Ambien and Lunesta. Those drugs are really great at helping you fall asleep, not necessarily keeping you asleep, unless you get the extended-release version. And they are also not very safe in the elderly, so be careful with all of these options. Always do your homework and make sure that it's really right for you. But if you're experiencing these things, sleep is one of the most important ways to heal from anything, and so sleep is important. It might be worth it to take medicine for it.

Zoloft is also good for depression, and Prozac and Paxil as well. They can help with depression. Then there is Lithium. It is an iron that can help to stabilize your brain activity. And so it not only helps with depression like major depression, but it'll help with some of these other side effects coming up.

One more thing is not on here. It's called tricycle antidepressants. And they've been shown to not really be as helpful for this type of Prednisolone causing depression. So, I would stay away from those unless they already work for you.

If the Prednisolone is interfering with your memory, there are memory medicines for people, who have dementia like Namenda. And that can be helpful.

Then there's this seizure medicine, called Lamictal. And it's actually used for a lot more things, than just seizures. And it can help to clear the brain fog and remembering a little bit better. And then even this blood pressure medicine, called Propranolol, can help from mania, when you're high as a kite, and buzzing. These are called mood stabilizers, instead of just having your mood way up high. It just kind of settles your mood down, keeps you Mormon in the normal range. So, Lithium, Olanzapine and other atypical antipsychotics, like Abilify, and then Phenytoin and Valproic Acid are both seizure medicines, but are also often used to help with mood regulation. If you're having these problems is probably worth it to be on these medicines.

What about psychosis? They used to have a term for all of these called steroid psychosis and back in the day. A lot of these medicines didn't exist, but Prednisolone did, and so they didn't have many options. Thankfully, we do know, we have the atypical antipsychotics like Prazosin and Abilify. We also have Lithium and electroconvulsive therapy.

Yours Psychological Prednisolone Effects and Recommended Medicines

So, let’s go back to our discussion of benefit versus risk. It's always what you absolutely need, what is worth it. So, if you're going to die without the Prednisolone, but the Prednisolone is causing side effects that are so bad, you might need to take this medicine. And then it's worth it. All medicines in every treatment, including water, have a side effect. So it's always figuring out, what the balance of that is, and if it's worth it, and in light of that the doctors should monitor you.

We should tell our doctor if anything is happening that you're not used to, if your mood is getting out of control or you're feeling suicidal, you need to tell your doctor, because those medicines can help. They can bring you back to feeling more like yourself. It's really important. So, you're worth it is worth getting help and so find that help.

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