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You NEED this Nutrients While On Prednisolone! (Part 1)


I'm excited to share another weekly Prednisolone question and answer with you today is a very happy topic. I have been sharing some of the doom and gloom so far about Prednisolone because it is full of lots of miserable things.

And today I'm excited because I get to share good things, like what we can eat those good delicious things that we need, while we're on Prednisolone. So, I'm really excited about this. So, we're going to be talking about delicious food today and we're going to make it fit this time perfect all right smooth today we are talking about foods that you need to prevent Prednisolone weight gain. I am dr. Megan your Prednisolone pharmacist.

First today we are going to talk a little bit of a review about which nutrients that Prednisolone is making us deficient in. Then we'll follow up with foods that you need to give back those deficient nutrients. Next and at the end we will close with a gift and how you can get it.

These are the nutrients that Prednisolone affects. Some of them go up on Prednisolone but most of them are depleted or you'll become deficient or they're taken away when your take Prednisolone.

So, we've just discussed this in more depth in the past but just know that sodium goes high and the other ones like potassium and chromium and magnesium and calcium and a bunch of vitamins are decreased so that is what we're going to focus on today. I'm going to be focusing on these in the order in which they are the very most important for how Prednisolone affects us.

Prednisolone messes up the calcium balance the very most. While taking Prednisolone it is the very most important nutrient to focus on when you are eating while taking Prednisolone. So, calcium has many ways that Prednisolone steals it but in a normal person calcium is used to help with bone strength, teeth and in a lot of cellular things, like heart contractions. Calcium is in things that aren't just dairy. So here are some examples and all of these food examples are from the United States National Institute of Health office of dietary supplements. So, they say that some of the best sources of calcium and for all of the food examples going forward. I have them in order of the highest percent like the highest source of that so the first one listed is one of the best sources of that nutrient.

So, calcium is found in yogurt and sour Deen's and cheese and fortified orange juice salmon and turnip greens and kale and broccoli. And you can also see over here on the right other places to get calcium that are not dairy in this image and I love knowing that because I grew up watching TV commercials that said “got milk” and implying that that was the only way you could get calcium and that is incomplete, so there are good leafy greens and good nuts and beans and even delicious fruits like oranges where you can get calcium.

You NEED this Nutrients While On Prednisolone! (Part 1)

The next most important one goes right along with that. So, Prednisolone doesn't actually steal vitamin D but it does steal the calcium and calcium can't be absorbed without vitamin D. So, it's important to have a high enough vitamin D so that the calcium you are able to get in you're able to use. So, in addition to the most important source of vitamin D the Sun and sunlight you can also get it through salmon and tuna egg yolks and mushrooms and some more pictures on your right.

I have a story for you. When I was expecting my third child, I craved broccoli and I would eat an entire head of broccoli at a time so I wonder if it was that I was craving calcium or if it was really chromium. So chromium is a very important mineral - metal in our bodies that is important so that insulin can work properly and so that we can have good metabolism. Some ways to get chromium include broccoli and grape juice, mashed potatoes and garlic so eat a good garlic soup made with broccoli potatoes - good source of chromium.


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