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Who Gets Prednisolone Psychiatric Side Effects?


I know it's easy to forget when the Prednisolone is making you feel different, but it's worth it. Okay, so back to that timing you might be thinking oh I'm not going to experience depression, until I've been on in a long time. No, that's not, that's not necessarily true, or I'll only have euphoria at the beginning it's possible but not necessarily true. Either so basically Prednisolone side-effects that are in the psychiatric realm can happen at any time. They could happen immediately, they could happen while you're taking it for a long time, or they could even happen when you stopped taking it.

So, they did an experiment and to find out when people started feeling their mood change their personality changed any complication in how they feel, and they found that 39 percent of people experienced some sort of a side effect within one week of starting Prednisolone. 62% of them within two weeks and 83% of people who were going to experience a side effect that was from Prednisolone in affecting their psychiatric help, mental health, was within six weeks. The average median was 11.5 days so it's likely if you're going to have it that - it's going to happen pretty quickly. But it might not happen until you completely stopped taking it. Then another study - they showed that it people most people experience their Prednisolone side effect within one week, so I can attest to that I felt I use a kite, like that woman I had all this energy and that was all at the beginning and then I took Prednisolone for a really long time and I had insomnia and it was awful, and so that is one of the reasons I've become the Prednisolone pharmacist to help other people cope with that.

What can we predict who gets Prednisolone psychiatric side effects? Nope. They used to say that people who get side effects from Prednisolone that affect our mental health it was just an exaggeration of their previous personality and mental health. And that's not true that is not true at all. The truth is you cannot predict it just because somebody you might have depression before Prednisolone doesn't mean that it's going to get worse or change at all while on Prednisolone. Just because somebody has no mental illness before Prednisolone doesn't mean that they won't get it while on Prednisolone there's no way to predict it, so even the dose doesn't predict it you can't say “oh, well you're on super high-dose Prednisolone, for a short time of course you're going to get side effects”. You might not you might be the lucky person who doesn't. We don't know. So then what about the dose. I said it's not predictive, but it is a risk factor. So, you're more likely but we can't predict who it will be. So, let's talk about it. So, a normal and I'm not going to say low dose, but on this study, it was low dose - less than 40 milligrams 1% of the people had Prednisolone psychiatric side effects. Low dose is really like less than 7.5 milligrams. People who are on a high dose, which was more than 40 milligrams and less than 80 milligrams - 4.6 percent of people - had a severe psychiatric side effect. And then at super high dose, we're talking 80 milligrams or more, 18.4% if people had a psychiatric side effect. And a severe one at that.

Who Gets Prednisolone Psychiatric Side Effects?

So, while you can't predict it, you are more likely to have a side effect the higher your dose. Now what about gender? is that predictive? well they found that it's more likely as a woman that you will experience a depressive side effect and men are more likely to have mania or delirium. Then, what about the type of medicine.

So, Prednisolone is a corticosteroid, and there are a bunch of corticosteroids, another one is dexamethasone, and that one's long-acting. I was actually put on that one as well for very short period of time an extremely high dose. And I really did feel depressed for the first time in my life. For like a week I was just like “I can't get off the couch, I have no emotions, I am just depressed” and it was so weird, I'd never felt anything like it in my life. And then they got me on Prednisolone after that. Super, super, super high dose dexamethasone failed like I was taking ten pills at once. Ten of the highest strength pills. So, the long-acting is more likely to cause depression than short-acting and what a short-acting thing like hydrocortisone.

Okay, so what about age. So, children, who have to take Prednisolone. About 50% of them have a behavioral change and they're more likely to have memory impairment, as are the elderly. Then what about people in their middle age. So, if their people are 18 to 30 years old, they're the most likely to get a panic disorder side effect. And the middle age people 18 to 50 are the most likely to be suicidal and actually commit suicide, which is the same in the rest of the population as well, that's the most likely population that commits suicide in general. That age groups. Finally, when Prednisolone is given to the elderly, especially those older than 80 years old - they're more likely to really get dementia and delirium and confusion and disorientation, just to have it really impact them and make them suddenly go from okay to acting old. So, these are things to consider, that are when your doctor is prescribing Prednisolone. To see well what's the most likely thing that might happen. Since we can't predict who is going to have these side-effects, there's no evidence that any of those things predicts it. Then this message is for all doctors and for all of you to share with your doctors. This is straight from one of those articles this is these are their words not mine. They said because we cannot predict all patients should be considered at risk, so it's ok you are just fine if you are experiencing these side-effects, because all patients are considered at risk and should be monitored.

So, everyone who is being treated, everyone going through withdrawal from Prednisolone and for some time afterward, it can cause side effects to your mental health. And the doctor and you and if you're a caregiver you should look for changes in your mood, in the memory, thinking abilities and behavior. And if you do, then you're more likely to be able to catch it before it's too late so that you can make an impact. And next week we'll talk about coping strategies based on evidence what you can do to fight back against these side effects. What methods and medications have been shown to be helpful for people on Prednisolone?

And a year ago I was trying to take a nap but because I was completely exhausted because Prednisolone had given me insomnia and I still couldn't even take a nap because my mind was revved with that like not quite anxiety but just buzzed like this constant buzz. Couldn't relax. Couldn't settle down. My personality was different than I normally was. And I had this all going through my head and I thought: “people need help”. What can I possibly do to help what can I do to prevent this from happening to me? How can I deal with these side-effects and I had this bolt of lightning flash into my brain and it said “you need to create a dietary supplement for people on Prednisolone”, “you need to fight back against those consequences, how miserable it is” and so I created neutralize zone it gives back the nutrients that Prednisolone is stealing. It has ingredients in it to help calm your mood, to help you get restful, sleep. I selfishly created it for myself so that when I go on Prednisolone, I have a way to fight back. But I made enough to share, so that you can get a hold of it yourself, and you can fight back.

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