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What to do if Prednisolone gives you Anxiety, Insomnia or Depression


Breathing Techniques

So, what if Prednisolone is giving you anxiety? It is pretty common. You can learn breathing techniques. One that I’ve learned and found really helpful, is called the “four, six, seven”, where you breathe in and count to four? And then breathe out and count to seven at the same time.  

Then there's the box technique, when you breathe in, counting to four, and breath out, counting to four. Hold it for four times. In each breath in and breath out you should draw a box with your fingers. And it distracts your brain from thinking about whatever you were anxious. And it calms your heart rate. This is great to use with kids too, because it gives them something else to focus on.


So, this is also quite common. The number one complaint that people tweet about, when it comes to Prednisolone is insomnia. So, if you're experiencing restless sleep, then it's pretty common. One thing that really helped me, was improving my bedtime routine. And one definite big change I made was no screen time before bedtime, because that Prednisolone brain would just go through whatever I had, just seen online whether it was politics or a friend from high school, or some random recipe. And it would just go round in my brain all night long. And so I learned I had to stop using my screens at least two hours before bedtime. And that really helped calm my brain down.

And then I've done another episode about this. It was one of the first ones I did about sleep. So, you should check that out. And it is in depth with some really good tips.


So, depression is more common at higher doses and when you've been on in a longer time. And one of the most helpful things for depression is exercise. And if you're taking Prednisolone for a joint problem or a breathing problem, then I can understand, how exercise is definitely going to be a challenge. But, there are exercises for every level of ability, for every impairment level. And I encourage you to find one that works for you. I’m really loving the seven app doing high-intensity interval training. I use that all the time. It's free. You do seven minutes of workout and you're done.


A lot of people get brain fog or even dementia, when they're taking Prednisolone. And so, doing puzzles and keeping doing as much active things with your brain as possible, writing, reading, focusing as much as you possibly can, all that will help you.

What to do if Prednisolone gives you Anxiety, Insomnia or Depression


It’s one more side effect of Prednisolone. If you have that, you should try yourself to focus your energy. Tell yourself to focus it, to do good things, like meal prepping, like going grocery, shopping for healthy foods, so that your food in your house was good for eating, when you get the Prednisolone.

The last time I was on a Prednisolone drug, I prepped like for four hours and I had tons of delicious green great food to eat. So, I highly encourage you to use that, if you get that.


So, people literally feel crazy. Electroconvulsive therapy can help, but that technically is a prescription. So, there are some things that I found helpful. For anxiety and insomnia it’s useful to do meditations. You can use different apps for meditations. So, there's an app called “The calm”. There's also one called “Headspace”. They would get me through some rough nights.

So, if it was two o'clock in the morning and I was like my eyes won't shut, my brain won't turn off, I would put in a little ear bud, and I would listen to a calm meditation sleep story. Whatever another thing I would do is listen to scriptures on the audio. Just things that would help me turn off my brain and think about something more calming was really helpful for me.


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