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Prednisolone Causes the Adrenal Insufficiency


So, what do you do, if you're feeling completely run over by a bus, because you took Prednisolone? Well you need to talk to your doctor. That's the number one thing. We always talk to our doctor first. Tell him, how you're feeling.

Next, you might need to be placed on replacement, because your body is not doing what it's supposed to. So, you might need to go back on Prednisolone, or you might need to go on its sister hydrocortisone. Hydrocortisone looks a little bit more like cortisol to your body. So, it's a little closer to your natural hormone. And the hard part about it is that it's taken several times a day. But you need to have supplementation. Basically you've got to go back. I know, that's like the worst news ever, but it's vital, because adrenal insufficiency can kill you.

There are adrenal insufficiency support groups out there for people, who legitimately have adrenal insufficiency. Are the people on Prednisolone, the only people, who get it? No, no people have other kinds.

So, Prednisolone causes the adrenal insufficiency in this kind, and so they call that a secondary adrenal insufficiency. There is primary adrenal insufficiency as well for people, who actually physically lost the adrenal gland or had an autoimmune attack on their adrenal gland. There are lots of reasons. One of them is called Addison's disease. But, basically, they have it, because it's a physical thing. Physically, not an adrenal gland is making cortisol, whereas people, who took Prednisolone. It was drug induced. That's what caused it. So, that's called secondary sufficiency. If you are experiencing this, you should check out those support groups. They are full of really good information and support.

My friend at adrenal alternatives interviewed me this week. And it was really exciting. She said that she wanted to feature me in their magazine. I'm so excited, about what they're doing at adrenal alternatives. It sounds like they're recommending supplements or something in place of adrenal hormones, but that's not it at all.

They're talking about the alternatives of taking a pill four times a day to replace your adrenal hormones, to have a pump like an insulin pump. So, you know, people, who have diabetes, they have a little pump, and they just wear it on their hip. And it slowly drips the insulin in throughout the day. And then it gives them a big bolus after their meals.

Well, the same thing kind of needs to happen for people with adrenal insufficiency. They need a slow amount of cortisol dripping into their body throughout the day and then big boosts during those stressful times a day. And so wouldn't that be awesome, if there was a cortisol pump. So she is helping America to adopt using insulin pumps for adrenal insufficiency.

Prednisolone Causes the Adrenal Insufficiency


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