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Prednisolone and Pneumonia


Now, what about pneumonia? The top experts in the world on infectious diseases just came out with a brand new guideline for pneumonia October 1. And we're specifically talking about the kind of pneumonia that you get not in the hospital. You get it, while living in the community. It causes an infection of your lungs.

The experts are saying that if it is a non severe infection, like people aren't dying immediately of this infection, then it is recommended not to routinely use critical steroids like Prednisolone within adults with severe pneumonia. Then they suggest not using it even within people with severe pneumonia, or with the flu. Those are all new things, because there was a study awhile back that showed the opposite, but none of the studies since then have supported it. So, they're changing their minds like this. It is new: not to use steroids for people with pneumonia.

If you get pneumonia this winter, and you got it from the flu, or you had some other infection, and your doctor gives you a Methyl dose pack, or another form of steroids like Prednisolone, then it's not supported anymore. That is against the guidelines doctors shouldn't be prescribing that.

There's no evidence to support that that's helpful. They did want to make it clear though, that if you're hospitalized or if your pneumonia is not just infection, if it's because you're in shock or you have COPD, a lung condition or an autoimmune disease like sarcoidosis, then those are appropriate situations, because they have a lot of evidence, supporting the use of steroids in those conditions. But if you don't have one of those reasons, then you shouldn't be using steroids like Prednisolone.

The number one risk with pneumonia is high blood sugar. Now what's the problem there? Well they're going to give you insulin, and that whole high blood sugar cascade can lead to so many downstream effects. Then you can get a second infection. So, you came in, because you had strep pneumonia, and now you're going out with Pseudomonas or something terrible, because you were on the steroids, which lowered your immune system. Or they don't even know the reason, why actually it's not beneficial. They didn't give a reason. But that's my guess. And so you shouldn't take that drug, if there are not enough benefits to use it.

What you can do, if you don't have either of those two reasons, is that you shouldn't use it, but you're a little bit concerned about the benefit to risk ratio.

 I created a nice supplement. It's specifically for people on Prednisolone. It improves the risk side of this balance by giving back the ten nutrients that Prednisolone steals. So, those benefits can outweigh the risks. I'm not saying that it's going to cure pneumonia, anaphylaxis or anything else. I'm just saying that it lessens the risk side of the scale, because you're giving back those important nutrients.

And so you can go to to get a hold of some neutralized zone. You can take two in the morning and two at night. And it's specifically for people on Prednisolone to support you in the ways that Prednisolone is affecting you. And it is designed to reduce your suffering by replenishing your nutrients.


Prednisolone and Pneumonia


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