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Feeling Crazy on Prednisolone


What do you do, when you're dealing with the side effects of Prednisolone that affect your mood? How do you deal with steroid rage? What do you do, when the medicine makes you so depressed and you don't want to get out of bed? That's what we're going to cover today. We're going to talk about how to cope with the psychiatric side effects of Prednisolone.

So, first of all, we'll talk about the non prescription strategies, things you can do without getting a prescription from your doctor. Next, we'll talk about examples that worked for me of those non prescription methods. And, finally, we'll conclude with what you can ask your doctor about getting as far as prescription options. And this is based on not only my own experience as a Prednisolone patient, but also the articles, medical reviews and my expertise as a pharmacist.

Feeling Crazy

So, what happens, when your prescription for Prednisolone makes you feel so crazy? You want to jump off a bridge or run across a busy street, or spend all your money, or some other really bad side effect that is really worse, than the reason you're taking Prednisolone. So, when we talk about Prednisolone, it's always a risk versus a benefit. The risk is the side effects, and the benefit is your disease, being under control. So, if you're taking it for something that is just to make you feel better and not necessarily life or death, then, when you have a really bad side effect, it's not worth it anymore. But if you're taking Prednisolone, because your kidneys are going to fail, or, as it was with me, when I could have bled to death, then it might be worth it. So we'll have to talk through different scenarios.

So, the first scenario, we're talking about, is if there's any other possible treatment we could use that would keep you alive. Then what if you have a bad enough psychiatric side-effect, then the goal is to stop taking Prednisolone and to slowly taper it, and to be watched, while you're tapering, to not ever go cold turkey. If that doesn't work, then decrease the dose. So, for example, if you're on 40 milligrams, you can go down to 20 milligrams.


Then the second line options are these non prescription coping strategies, and then prescription coping strategies. So, first of all, we'll talk about mood lability. A non prescription way to cope with this is meditation. It can help, no matter which of these symptoms you are experiencing.

Meditation is a practice, so it's something that you have to do every day. And you get better as time goes on.

Feeling Crazy on Prednisolone


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