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Consequences of Prednisolone - Permanent And Not


Even though it might seem like forever that moon face will just last forever. It won't. Once you stop taking Prednisolone, moon face goes away. But what about the side effects, that don't ever go away? What are the irreversible and permanent consequences of Prednisolone? What doesn't go away, when you stop taking Prednisolone? That's what we're going to cover today.

Consequences of Prednisolone - Permanent And Not

Eyes Problems

So, first of all, Prednisolone causes a hundred and fifty different side effects. Some of them are irreversible. We're going to start at the top right here. And the first consequence, connected with taking Prednisolone, is eyes problems. Prednisolone can cause cataracts that are a special kind of cataract. Your doctor can see it, when testing your eyes. And it is permanent. It doesn't go away once you stop taking Prednisolone. But the good news is that they can replace your lenses and get rid of the cataract. So, it is reversible, but not without a pretty permanent procedure.

One more side effect, connected with eyes problems, is glaucoma. That's when there's pressure in your eyeball. Glaucoma can potentially continue after you stop taking Prednisolone. So, you should to be really careful to get your eyes checked.


As for moon-face symptom, then it goes away. The higher the dose, the rounder is the face. The lower the dose, a little narrower is the face and the more your wrinkles come back.

I never thought it would be grateful to have wrinkles until moon-face went away, and the wrinkles came back.

Heart Disease

Another side effect is heart diseases. So, your heart is affected by Prednisolone. When you take Prednisolone, then you have a two and a half times increased risk of getting a cardiovascular disease, compared to people, who don't take any prescription on steroids. That means that it is affecting your cholesterol. It's affecting your blood pressure, your risk for stroke and heart attacks and all of those complications of heart disease. And that damage doesn't really go away.

So, when it's causing narrowing of your arteries, when it's affecting your blood pressure and damages the structure of your heart, then that damage doesn't go away.

Your blood pressure will come back down if Prednisolone made you have high blood pressure like it did to me. I totally had high blood pressure, while I was taking Prednisolone, and I normally have a really low blood pressure. So, it came back down.

The thing that doesn't go away is any progress in cardiovascular disease. But you can be working to reverse this, while you're on Prednisolone, by eating healthfully, especially, avoiding refined sugars, because that leads to high insulin, which leads to all sorts of complications that are really no good for your heart. So, eat really carefully, while you're taking Prednisolone.


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