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Feeling Crazy on Prednisolone

What do you do, when you're dealing with the side effects of Prednisolone that affect your mood? How do you deal with steroid rage? What do you do, when the medicine makes you so depressed and you don't want to get out of bed? That's what we're going to cover today. We're going to talk about how to cope with the psychiatric side effects of Prednisolone.

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Permanent Side Effects of Prednisolone

The next side effect is connected with your adrenal gland. It's on the top of your kidneys. Your renal organ and the adrenal gland stops doing its job, while you are on Prednisolone. Prednisolone is mimicking the adrenal hormone called cortisol and is, basically, completely replacing it

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Consequences of Prednisolone - Permanent And Not

Even though it might seem like forever that moon face will just last forever. It won't. Once you stop taking Prednisolone, moon face goes away. But what about the side effects, that don't ever go away?

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Who Gets Prednisolone Psychiatric Side Effects?

I know it's easy to forget when the Prednisolone is making you feel different, but it's worth it. Okay, so back to that timing you might be thinking oh I'm not going to experience depression, until I've been on in a long time.

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How NOT To Lose Your Mind While on Prednisolone

First of all, we'll talk about who is affected by Prednisolone side-effects, next we'll talk about what you can actually expect if you're taking Prednisolone as far as how it's going to affect your personality and your mood, and finally we'll talk about how you can cope with it.

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You NEED this Nutrients While On Prednisolone! (Part 2)

This is another metal mineral and it is used all over the body. Enzymes in 300 different systems in the body use it so it's vital to have enough magnesium. The muscles, bones and it's important in regulating blood glucose. Some food sources of magnesium include almonds or spinach, cashews and peanuts - you're seeing lots of nuts, right? Delicious avocado and an entire potato that means you need to include the skin.

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You NEED this Nutrients While On Prednisolone! (Part 1)

I'm excited to share another weekly Prednisolone question and answer with you today is a very happy topic. I have been sharing some of the doom and gloom so far about Prednisolone because it is full of lots of miserable things.

And today I'm excited because I get to share good things, like what we can eat those good delicious things that we need, while we're on Prednisolone.

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