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Prednisolone and Pneumonia

Now, what about pneumonia? The top experts in the world on infectious diseases just came out with a brand new guideline for pneumonia October 1. And we're specifically talking about the kind of pneumonia that you get not in the hospital. You get it, while living in the community. It causes an infection of your lungs.

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You Should NOT use Prednisolone if...

My friend contacted me this week and said: “Oh no! I've been prescribed Prednisone!” She's not normally a person, who takes Prednisone. So, when she told me this, she was saying it with trepidation, because she's been following me on social media and seeing all of the many warnings that I put out about Prednisone, because I feel that there's not enough information to warn people about how truly harmful Prednisone and other corticosteroids are.

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Prednisolone Causes the Adrenal Insufficiency

So, what do you do, if you're feeling completely run over by a bus, because you took Prednisolone? Well you need to talk to your doctor. That's the number one thing. We always talk to our doctor first. Tell him, how you're feeling.

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Prednisolone Withdrawal - Is it Dangerous?

Why Prednisolone withdrawal may sometimes be as dangerous as the treatment itself? So, this week I was asked by somebody in the Prednisolone warriors with dr. Megan Group: what would happen if they were on Prednisolone and they had withdrawals? And so I'm here today to answer that question. What is adrenal insufficiency and what does it feel like? What should we look out for and why do we care? So, I'm basing this of an article from the European Journal of internal medicine. And I didn't make up that title. I just substituted Prednisolone for Google corticoid, why treatment with Prednisolone can be as dangerous.

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Scary Truth about Prednisolone: Your Doctor Won't Tell You

Here we’ll talk about how much doctors aren't telling people and how unprepared people are to start taking Prednisolone, how many questions people still have after they've been on it a long time.

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Yours Psychological Prednisolone Effects and Recommended Medicines

First of all, we should tell about mood lability, which going up and down with your moods. You can do talk therapy. If your mood lability gets so bad that it turns into delirium, the drug, called Haloperidol, which is the first generation antipsychotic. And then you can take some atypical antipsychotics like Abilify or Zyprexa. Those ones can help. with anxiety.

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Mood Changes and Relationships while on Prednisolone

Relationships are definitely affected by your partner's own mood changes. You might feel like a different person. Your family members might feel like: “where did mom go”, “what happened to dad?”, or “is it mom, is nicest used to, why can't mom get off the couch?”

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What to do if Prednisolone gives you Anxiety, Insomnia or Depression

So, what if Prednisolone is giving you anxiety? It is pretty common. You can learn breathing techniques. One that I’ve learned and found really helpful, is called the “four, six, seven”, where you breathe in and count to four? And then breathe out and count to seven at the same time.  

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